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Fight! Does the pitiful plight of our people
Not rend your heart in torment?
O Youth! Pound not in you hot, young, blood-
Blood more fiery than lightening?
Come! Approach Death, meet it head on!
Who dared to shatter our crown?
Who snapped the flagpole of the Hindus?
Who trampled upon our burgeoning hopes?
Fight! Dwelling upon this, why do not hot, raging tears
Spill from your eyes night and day!
Ah, so many Heroes plunged into the battlefield for Bharat!
Some, still crushed by this torment, died in battle
Some, in the pyre of untold tortures, were set ablaze,
Some marched boldly to the gallows, uncowed!
Hark! The thundering voice of their unfulfilled yearning,
Every second it calls out to you!
Is there anyone who can hear its clamour?
Rise, rise, all ye who do!
Stake your life! Fight, to fulfill our cause!

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