Psst' darling's image

Psst' darling


Psst' darling, I hear that he was incomplete though unblemished,
That he lisped endearments while guileless invading,
Rocking untiringly, fleet though within reach, unlike us
Never sobbed or sundered, while breathless perspiring,
never twined in union to.

Unlike us, they are not known in sorrow to grow blind
While exulting in the swell of waves,
They gaze into each other's eyes in search,
But would not break squirting like a fountain
nor in despair sink.

Did you know, a virgin though yielding, Radha is nubile?
Yet, the flirt is shy like you.
I hear that He is a babe at the nipple, a bellow at the thighs!
Did you know god being both her lover and her husband,
they do not falter into difference.

She fair and he dark, though
Who knows who is which?
Having met to flow, and flowing to join
Like waters at the confluence, like the true Janus,
Those submerged yielding their all are never alone.

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