Youth you are of the up coming age,
Shedding tears
In remembrance of the beloved,
Or for her betrayal
Behoves you not!
Clouds are gathering,
Breeze vernal blows slow,
Sky is lit up with moon-light!
Far away are you from beloved!
Or she has broken your trust
Simple and sentimental you are,
Enshrined in your heart is love,
And desire lurk there,
And longing too for happiness,
And dreams of a fresh, golden smiling life!
But, today they are shattered,
As if a thermometer slipped
From the hands on a stone,
The tears roll like mercury,
As though lost now is all your control!
Heed no more that
The candle is burning out,
And like sharp thin thorns
The memories are piercing the heart!

These pigeons
Calmly sitting on the roof
Do they too,
So remember some one?

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