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The smile of life has withered away,
And dark clouds shroud the Moon!

The night stands denuded of its beauty,
As if the belle widowed has been!

Stands robbed the spring of human happiness,
And all the flower and foliage are fallen!

Blasted lie the flowing fields,
The sand-storm blew so cruel!

Heart rending seems every dream,
And aspirations on all sides are being crushed!

Crumbled are the customs of the present world,
The path of love lies twisted and turned!

Stands intact only the forest of motives selfish,
Housed where in are the dacoits' dens!

Every where is playing the funeral music,
And coffins colourful are being arranged!

Constrained are we to lie down there,
Fatigued and broken by pain!

So much has life been crippled,
It falls and staggers paralysed!

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