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No more do I indulge in dreams now
Nor do I sigh, off and on, in separation,
Believing you as fascinating as the Moon.
No longer remains the lunacy of love
The sign of the diseased mind.
Reflected not in my eyes any more
Your lustrous beauty as before!
For I have witnessed
The picture of living truth,
A picture of the world and of life
Full of pain and agony restless!
Deep sorrow of some innocent soul,
In torrents of tears,
Pours down on earth!
Darkness prevails so dense all around,
That Aurora in displeasure tarries.
To win over the damsel of the dawn
The myriad songs I would sing forth,
And to dispel the darkness,
I would bedeck life with light!
Until the blooming love pervades the entire universe,
Until a new kingdom of joy and smile
Descends and sheds its lustre on the earth,
Let not your memory creep into my life,
It weans away the mankind from the path of duty
And breaks millions of simple and sincere hearts!

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