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On The Path of Swaraj


On The Path of Swaraj

Countrymen, Companion, Kins
and others are Are you frightened at my getting
behind the bar ?
It was apprehended before hand
then, why do you feel so sad ?
Timidity is the coward’s character
A hero kills or dies himself either.
In hero’s horoscope no retreat is there
For sake of life he dies never.
I know this war of peace is on
There’s no need of bomb, bullet or gun.
Neither muscle nor money is needed
No carriage, horse or elephant required.
This spiritual battle is there
to curb the beastly power.
He who, leaving aside wealth, home or relation
Has adressed himself with arm of non cooperation
and by non violence is urge
shall reserve a place in the stage.
Jail is its initial effect
Death may come as ultimate.
Knowing well I have entered to the war
I never mind for honour or dishonour.
Let my body mingle to country’s soil
Let march along it one and all.
Let my flesh and bones pile
all holes and ditches of Swaraj fill.
At all on emolation of my life
to the Freedom path any man persuaded if,
His Providence’s blissful desire
Let be fulfilled – it is my ultimate desire.

Translation by Dr. Ramakant Rout

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