Some lines from his latest / Fresh  poems ..'s image
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Some lines from his latest / Fresh poems ..

Ghulam Nabi FiraqGhulam Nabi Firaq
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Yettie Chhaenaa Saayil Khaalie Neraan

Aaeish Pheiir Kenh Chhiyee Hargaa Lagaa-Naai

( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )


Petitioners do not leave this place empty handed ,

I do possess some tear drops ,

Take them should these be of any use to you..


Soruuyi Vonamuss ti Chhum Pheraan

Akh Kathh Aaessum Roozim Vananaai

( Gh Nabi Firaq )


( Every thing I conveyed to him,

 But Now I regret For  the only  issue

 that needed to be told but remains untold.)


 Makaanun Daarie Burr Diethh Aaiess

Su Kyaah Vannie  he Ba Kyaah Vana Ha

( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )


Every house had its doors and windows shut ,

What would he comment ? what could I convey ?


Na Na Nataa Petchii Bunnie Laggi Naaraah

Naarah Zorawaar …

Haawaus Haawus  Soora  Pheikhaa  Akh

Tattie Kyaah Saarukh Saar……..

( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )


No ! No ! Else the dry weed stock shall be on fire,

An All engulfing Blaze !

Every desire  is  a handful of  ash otherwise also ,  

What  Gist  can you draw  over here ?

Vanhaai ba dilluk Haal beparvaai Vanaai kyaa
Jazbaat haran lafz Gatchhun Zaai Vanaai Kyaa 

( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )



To You , O Carefree ,
What woes should i put across ?
These feelings  may fall to dust ,
Words may go waste ,
What should I put across.


( Autar Mota 30.05.2014 )

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