Kavishala Saratov Meetup | July 28 - Online's image

Kavishala Saratov Meetup | July 28 - Online

 July 28, 2024

 12:00 am

 in 8 days

Date and Time: July 28, 2024
After Registration and Submitting 5 Poetry at Kavishala Before July 28, 2024 - You will get your slot details on email.

Join us for an inspiring and engaging virtual poetry meetup from Saratov , where we explore the beauty of words and the power of poetic expression. Whether you're a seasoned poet or just beginning to find your voice, this is a welcoming space for all.

Online Meetup Will be Organised From Kavishala on July 28, 2024

Register and Share Your 5 Poetry at Kavishala before July 20, 2024

See You at Kavishala Saratov Meetup | July 2024 - Online

Hello Saratov,

Welcome to the City of Verses, where every street is a stanza and each chapter a poetic journey. Let the ink-stained cobblestones guide you through the Literary District, where words weave tales and verses tell stories.

Let's Enjoy the literature and Poetry.



A Kavishala Author


Saratov , Russia - Online