Kavishala Darbhanga Meetup | July 28 - Online's image

Kavishala Darbhanga Meetup | July 28 - Online

 July 28, 2024

 12:00 am

 in 13 days

Date and Time: July 28, 2024
After Registration and Submitting 5 Poetry at Kavishala Before July 28, 2024 - You will get your slot details on email.

Join us for an inspiring and engaging virtual poetry meetup from Darbhanga , where we explore the beauty of words and the power of poetic expression. Whether you're a seasoned poet or just beginning to find your voice, this is a welcoming space for all.

Online Meetup Will be Organised From Kavishala on July 28, 2024

Register and Share Your 5 Poetry at Kavishala before July 20, 2024

See You at Kavishala Darbhanga Meetup | July 2024 - Online

Darbhanga is a city and Municipal Corporation in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the 5th largest city of Bihar situated In the centre of Mithilanchal. It Is also the headquarters of Darbhanga district and Darbhanga division and was the seat of the Raj Darbhanga and capital of the Mithila region.



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