From the dusk til the dawn's image

From the dusk til the dawn

From the light of hope,to the darkest sob,

From the smile of lips,to the cry of eye,

From the rushy land,to the tranquil sky,

I always wish you fly so high,

with your goals set,with a confident sigh.

From the rushing rivers ,to the hustling winds,

From the thrilling rides,to the pleasing sites,

From the silent smiles to the noisy cries,

Wil pamper you in my own style,will compell you move through a cheerful aisle.

From the hardest curls,to the best of worlds,

From the painful scream,to the wildest dream,

May you rule your world and reign supreme.

From the dawns of meadows,to the noisy sea,

From the glass of milk to the cup of tea,

From the fatter you to the thinner me,

Will follow you p

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