Journey of a commodity's image

Journey of a commodity

Holding a degree

Getting in illusion

Got out

With the air free.


A commodity was ready

For business deals to take place

Buyers will be coming in evening

At fearful place.


That musty commodity

Needed dusting and adornments

Some sort of Disagreeable it was

Scolding was necessary

To tell it how to portray and behave.


That stares on me for hours

Horrifies me the most

Just to find a single mistake

In my created moulds.


Deals final

Dates too

Trying to be happy

As ‘good-girls’ do.


Gradually, a wish was woven

Everything gleamed

Pleasant it was

I felt, as a dream.


Got a lover for me

Best he was

I, the best girl for him

In being.


Everything happened

And we were in blanket together.


Gradually, after enduring all tortures

And sweating without chimney

It became my duty

To serve myself naked and nude

On that spongy mattress

That was rude.


Still the dream didn’t break

Thought myself most loved one

To be touched by him daily

One by one, that went

From foot to leg to hands and to breast,

It was a testimony to my desirability.


Like the slime tha

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