Let's Play Holi's image

Went to my ancestor's home on a Spring season that year..

On a Holi day in the land of Chanchadari

A peaceful morning in Hoshiarpur, the doors to Himalaya

Happy Holli day!! The kids shout with cheer

Holi Hai! Holi Hai! Lets play Holi!!!

He woke up early morning that day..

With a bucket of colored water waiting for me

I stepped outside my grandpa's door

In a split second I was soaked in a coloured water…

From head to toes… red, orange, yellow, purple… the colors of Holi…

Ohh It's a Hoi Hai day alright…

Lets play Holi … Lets play Holi..

Hails spring with ecstasy and joy!

The trees smile with their sprout

of tender leaves and blooming flowers,

The land of beauty and greatness,

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