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Fireflies, Col. Glenn calls them—

banging the capsule’s wall to prove

their movement. This

will be the gesture Hollywood

claims as history—how space

dazzles even the seasoned airman,

maddens like Titania’s touch.

The movie version sees

what he sees: Florida yawn, Delta yawp,

a sunrise inside every hour,

lightning over the Indian Ocean.

Yet the operatic soundtrack, paced

in gilded silence, is not what he hears.

Wonder-ese is not the language

he speaks. For this,

we turn to the transcript. Pilot

to Cap Com; Cap Com to Pilot.

This is Friendship 7, going to manual.

Ah, Roger, Friendship 7.

Pilot, Texas Cap Com, Cape Canaveral.

Cap Coms chiming in from Canary,

Canton, Hawaii, Zanzibar, India,

Woomera: every visual check

on the gyros, inverter temp,

every correction to pitch and yaw,

fuel, oxygen, Ah, Roger, Ah, Over.

Say again your instructions please.

Over. Do you read? Standby.

You can be honest. This

is Godspeed-le

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