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Zeal, Let not Bad Habits Steal

Good habits, try to cultivate,

To practice them, don't hesitate,

Acquire them by being obstinate,

All life's problems will dissipate.

Have in heart enough gratitude,

Understand the beauty of solitude,

Kindness gives heart great magnitude,

Always think thrice and then conclude.

Anger is indeed highly poisonous,

Anger is to madness synonymous,

When smile's arrival is spontaneous,

Then, success will be instantaneous.

From heart, generosity must spring,

As it is a beautiful and wonderful thing,

Peace can be obtained by giving,

Generous man enjoys a peaceful living.

Patience improves the waiting capacity,

For success when there is scarcity,

Don't self-pity, but continue every activity,

Resultant success won't be a brevity.

Human mind is highly delicate,

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