Work Hard, Justice-Rod will Act as Protecting God's image

Work Hard, Justice-Rod will Act as Protecting God

To do hard-work, give your consent,

Only to work, by God, we all are sent,

Nature of your work, you may resent,

But, many lack employment at present.

To get success, sweating is indispensable,

Your present efforts, try to wisely double,

Despite glorious success, remain humble,

With wavering thoughts, never gamble.

Hard-work will make a superb revelation,

That it has with success a strong relation,

So, very firmly, take a shrewd resolution,

That your hard toiling will show a solution.

From various sides, work will just pour,

Be bold and brave to successfully soar,

Regard not work as monotony or bore,

Take efforts to do work more and more.

Keep your cool and finely concentrate,

Work is a thing to mirthfully celebrate,

If you are sincere, God will compensate,

If you are desperate, prayer, you state.

If work pressure is unbearably terrific,

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