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With a Positive Thought, Let Goals be Sought

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 28, 2023
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By thoughts you are made,

So, always think very high,

Hope will provide shade,

Under which gladly you lie.

Keep the heart clean and tidy,

To develop the soul's goodwill,

To pray to God be ever ready,

Leave everything to God's mill.

Let thoughts be constantly purified,

Through the process of self-criticism,

Such a mind will be nicely glorified,

And great thoughts will blossom.

Proceed with a positive outlook,

By thinking the cup is half-full,

For a pessimistic crook,

Life will be bad and awful.

Twinkle like a hopeful star,

When in life comes gloom,

Worry not about any scar,

And faith in heart-room.

By deeds, you are judged,

So, show firmly in action,

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