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Wisely Arrange for a Fine Change

Change your living pattern,

In your way, things will turn,

From the past, try to learn,

Let your plans be written.

This will be a valuable record,

Following it may be very hard,

But, following fetches reward,

Follow it as an order from God.

It mayn't work out in the beginning,

Never indulge in foolish whining,

Perform wisely deep mind-mining,

Result will be like diamond shining.

People remember the best caliber,

Great quality, they ever remember,

In this world, be a useful member,

Be wise, shrewd and also sober.

Duty is absolutely divine,

Being dutiful is a noble sign,

To you, a duty, God will assign,

He will order when to resign.

Proceed until God's order,

Work harder and harder,

Climb ski

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