We Marry to Carry Life with Merry's image
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You and I to live together,

Experiencing the same weather,

Our mutual love mustn't wither,

For our life to go smoother!

Let us always respect each other,

And be a good father and mother,

Whenever a fight comes to bother,

Before God, let us gather together!

God's help, let us seek,

To Him, let us speak,

A solution will surely leak,

Our love will reach the peak!

Our love must form an example,

Showing true love is very simple,

Loving heart makes body a Temple,

To show love, chances are ample!

When love is by heart extended,

That occasion is by God attended,

A depressed mind is finely mended,

Life is on love only fully depended!

Love arising out of cash,

Will make minds later clash,

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