Wars are Farce that Create Deadly Scars's image

Wars are Farce that Create Deadly Scars

No regrets for getting up too early,

As I can concentrate very calmly,

Because of wars, mood stays glumly,

But, my body, mind and soul are burly.

I am seriously worrying and asking, why

Should my human brothers have to die?

My heart and soul with brain sadly cry,

Disastrous wars, I very strongly decry.

Dying means leaving is permanent,

From the world, one will be absent,

Soldiers enter into death-agreement,

"What a curse?" is my only comment.

By leaving behind their dear family,

They face the world damn bravely,

They encounter many dangers daily,

Is their mission devilish or so holy?

If death gives a brutal kiss,

Soldiers attain eternal bliss,

Their presence, world will miss,

I think the decision is only His.

To live, mother gives the safest birth,

To her, her child gives the best mirth,

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