Unwise People Get Economic Nobel Prize's image

Unwise People Get Economic Nobel Prize

Wealth must be equitably distributed 

So that sorrows get not easily created

By those poor ones who get irritated

Wealth for all must get completed

Though about wealth many have debated

Poverty couldn't be with perfection abated

With joy poverty has so far celebrated

Penury is day by day getting aggravated

Poverty alone wins and is finely circulated

With riches, many souls are not related

This sad condition must get soon corrected

Or else, humanity can never be protected

Economic Nobel Prize though is formulated

No firm wealthy policies are by any stated

With acute poverty, many get finally cremated

Why does poverty make many lives ill-fated ?

In terms of knowledge, life must be calculated

All human beings must get superbly educated

Ignorance must be from World fully truncated

Toward better ideas,everyone must be elevated

To humanity, one news must be communicated

That is, knowledge can never be destructed

Once this truth

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