Suppression and Oppression of Depression/ 31/03/1999's image

Suppression and Oppression of Depression/ 31/03/1999

Have I become a real lunatic

Just because my mind is poetic?

If my schedule becomes hectic,

My brain's act won't be chaotic.

In life, nicely I am not able settle,

My mind is waging ever a battle,

I get sleep that is extremely little,

I am ineligible for the Nobel-title.

I may be, in a way, highly lettered,

But, my ambition stands shattered.

By sad ideas, I am badly battered,

Toward me, why is God embittered?

By sharp thorns, my path is decorated,

From normal persons, I am segregated,

By insomnia, my agony is aggravated,

I don't know for sure why I was created.

Into a mad man, I am by time converted,

Foolish love-affairs, I could have averted,

By peace of mind, I am casually deserted,

Have I become dangerously perverted?

I loved to become a superstar,

With dest

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