Step on Loss and Pass to be the Boss's image

Step on Loss and Pass to be the Boss

Never at all feel sad,

When results are bad,

Worry makes you mad,

Hope makes you glad.

No doubt you have highly expected,

By failure, you will be badly affected,

If your plans are shrewdly perfected,

By success, you will be then selected.

For the loss, of course feel sorry,

But, that loss, always don't carry,

Replace worry by sacred merry,

Once again try hard for victory.

Definitely you can,

My dearest man,

Pray and then plan,

Turn not an also-ran.

In your chosen noble mission,

Failure is just an intermission,

Coming without your permission,

Give no room for meek submission.

Always fight unto the last,

Brood not over the past,

Still scop

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