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Savings alone Bring Valuable Belongings

Before buying any commodity,

Carefully scan its actual utility,

Just because you enjoy prosperity,

Do not waste your buying capacity.

See each and everything in the house,

That belongs to you and your spouse,

Now, muse over every product's use,

So, in future, you will carefully choose.

Each and every Monetary investment,

Needs a highly shrewd assessment,

Bringing real financial improvement,

Requires wise funds' management.

Invested Rupees are like fertile seeds,

You execute the best investing deeds,

After satisfying all reasonable needs

Life succeeds due to huge proceeds.

Make a list of each every expenditure,

Inflict on your own self a strong stricture,

Let frugality and prudence form a mixture,

Carefully construct a financial structure.

Don't be wrongly carefree,

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