Remedies for Peace During Life-Lease's image
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You can if you concentrate,

You cannot if you agitate,

You lose when you deviate,

You win if you cooperate.

Luck, you also possess,

If you aim for success,

Your strength, you assess,

And win in your business.

Give a nonstop chase,

Plan to find winning ways,

Accept defeat with grace,

Toil in the coming days.

Waste not time in only worrying,

As worry guards not well being,

Live this life by never hurrying,

Wise ideas, you must be carrying.

Give your wholehearted consent,

To noble things without argument,

If possible, cooperate and augment,

The world will pay you a compliment.

Working is superior to badly weeping,

Being awake is better than sleeping,

Heart is the

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