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Reap Health Via Deep Sleep

Highly deep sleep is a real must,

As body and mind get enough rest,

After deep sleep, will come zest,

Sleep sweeps away the day's dust.

Eight hours of sleep is the best,

Drug less sleep is always the safest,

All the aches, sleep will easily arrest,

Sleepless nights result in the worst.

The Sun is no doubt the toughest,

With no sleep, Sun doesn't rust,

Sun is viewed as a celestial guest,

Sun protects all in the world-nest.

Sleeps not heart inside the chest,

That is why body is strongly robust,

Of all the joys, sleep is the cheapest,

Too much time, in sleep, don't invest.

Sun travels not from the east to west,

When this was discovered at first,

The discoverer was treated as a pest,

For eternal sleep, he entered the list.

One passes safely in the health-test,

If, for him, getting sleep is the easiest,

Though he may be titled as the laziest,

Normally his peace is the loveliest.

To peacefully sleep, mind

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