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Realize Dreams Via Wise Schemes and Prayer-Beams

Maintain a calm temperament,

Its stay with you be permanent,

Allow not undue excitement,

This advice is for betterment.

Accept maximum work-load,

Let your fear for work erode,

By toiling, you won't explode,

Instead, you won't feel bored.

Learn to wisely bow,

Show only true love,

Do good things now,

God helps somehow.

Laziness should irk,

And force you to work,

Just not for the perk,

For giving soul spark.

In work if you immerse,

You will get great honors,

To work if you are averse,

Your life becomes worse.

Substitute tears by sweat,

Dry eyes that are sadly wet,

Escape from lethargy's net,

You will then walk on velvet.

In work, let you be engaged,

Toil when you are young-aged,

Work-shirking attitude be caged

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