Prayer will Deliver Goods to a Believer's image

Prayer will Deliver Goods to a Believer

Though you may now suffer,

God-faith, you always prefer,

To God, make conscience refer,

Peace of mind, God will offer.

Prayer is absolutely effective,

In curing mind that is defective,

Peace is the valuable incentive,

If you pray, hope, toil and live.

God is in an unknown spot,

His blessings are by all sought,

To pray to God, all are taught,

It is via prayer, peace is brought.

A controlling power only really rules,

Those who deny it are no doubt fools,

All are exclusively that power's tools,

Enough strength, praying mind pools.

God is there to appeal,

Your duty is to kneel,

God's presence if you feel,

You will win in every deal.

When mind is in turmoil,

Taking action will spoil,


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