Poetic Lullaby to a Human Baby's image
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A new born baby is absolutely innocent,

It depends on mother hundred percent,

Milk of mother is so tasty and pleasant.

A baby is God whose arrival is recent.

After having a protective ten months' stay,

To see the world is made a thrilling way,

On seeing her baby, mom's pain goes away,

For a safe-delivery all those involved pray.

A baby enjoys maximum sleep,

Which must be sound and deep,

For food, it will wake up to weep,

Enough milk, mother must keep.

Human baby alone is helpless,

It is absolutely defenseless,

Parents view it as priceless,

As a baby, all were harmless.

Mother's milk, baby will suckle,

"Silver-spoon" birth is a miracle,

For poor mother milk mayn't trickle,

Still, to feed their baby, moms tackle.

Learning, earning, and mourning,

Have to a baby also some meaning,

In its hear

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