Own Peace Via Prayer and Toil Shown's image

Own Peace Via Prayer and Toil Shown

Make living interesting,

Via proper goal-selection,

By ever involving in action,

Prevent glory from rusting.

Difficulties will surely arise,

And stop angrily your march,

They supply to brain starch,

And make you highly wise.

When you are severely knocked,

By fate with venom on your back,

You must posses the real knack,

So that peace-flower is plucked.

Courageously live this life,

By never fearing at all,

God is your dearest pal,

So, resort not to any strife.

Let all your thoughts be purified,

And mind become healthily clean,

The other side is apparently green,

Via this truth, life can be simplified.

Life can be easily understood,

If c

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