Modernity and Its Dangerous Mentality and Activity's image

Modernity and Its Dangerous Mentality and Activity

Be happy and do your duty,

Pray also to the Almighty,

Be kind to the society,

Admire that which is pretty,

Pity that which is petty,

Have in thoughts clarity,

Fill heart with holy purity,

Admire if seen is beauty,

Fate will be always naughty,

So, have touch with Divinity!

Modernity has no mercy,

Cruelty is its only policy,

It will have deep jealousy,

In spoiling it is busy,

It lacks basic courtesy,

It prefers being lazy,

It acquires ecstasy

If you feel so uneasy

With a future not rosy,

Your loss is its fantasy!

It won't give you any care,

It is ne

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