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Lots of Bliss Via Noble Thoughts

Your mind, when pure thoughts dominate,

Into a great soul, you gradually culminate,

From your ideas, great thinkers emanate,

In pure thinking, ever be firmly obstinate.

By only your thoughts, you are truly made,

A constructive role, if you have played,

Blessings of God, to you, won't be delayed,

By God, all your fears will be totally allayed.

Pure thinking is your choice,

Noble thinking, he who employs,

Gains amid all a convincing voice,

Think nobly for the soul to rejoice.

Positive thinking promotes,

Your thoughts become quotes,

For optimism, he who devotes,

Gets God's valuable votes.

Pessimism is a deadly disease,

If you fear, to win, you cease,

Fear puts a very long crease,

Cross it so peace you seize.

If your thinking is different,

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