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Let Mind's Philosophy Gain Peace-Trophy

When the past is recollected,

Sad feelings are reflected,

Mind feels terribly dejected,

But, the heart is corrected.

In heart, the incidents are carved,

For success, heart really starved,

Still, a way, the Almighty paved,

Despite losses, the mind is saved.

If, whatever we think happens,

Then, God-faith never deepens,

Noble thoughts are great weapons,

Whose edges, experience sharpens.

Away from us youth firmly fades,

At last, body surrenders to spades,

Prayer alone gives peaceful shades,

To help the believer, He never evades.

Earlier one went to many for affection,

Finally, wife teaches life's definition,

The term 'love" is ever a contradiction,

As the result is always an introspection.

People stop with college their education,

Believing that they have had perfection,

They forget to make proper contribution,

And suffer in personality disintegration.

Parents' role in shaping their children,

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