Lamentation over Declination of My Institution's image

Lamentation over Declination of My Institution

My dearest noble Institution,

I will respect my occupation,

Help your via perspiration,

God will give me inspiration.

I receive a very huge salary,

A fruit from Institution-tree,

"Do your duty" is God's decree,

With the Almighty I fully agree.

I weep by finding your hardship,

For you, to God, I deeply worship,

To Temples, I daily make a trip,

From my eyes, blood tears drip.

You must very soon recover,

As you give us all sure cover,

Become not a dried-up river,

Yourself falling? never, never.

You are a helping rainy cloud,

And so our living is allowed,

By me, you are deeply loved,

To serve you, I have vowed.

I am always your obedient servant,

People cheated you and away went,<

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