Job is Nectar Whether Private or Public Sector's image

Job is Nectar Whether Private or Public Sector

By a company you are hired,

As your services are required,

To serve well, if you feel tired,

Soon, you will be surely fired.

People in private sector,

View work as fighting a war,

A toiler becomes a rising star,

He may be give even a car.

But, there will be job insecurity,

In the job, employees' continuity,

Is to a great extent an uncertainty,

As staying depends upon his ability.

Job-hopping for a better pay scale,

Is in private sector an accepted tale,

One job may become very soon stale,

A better boss may accept skill's sale.

Too much of foolish indulgence

In job-skipping is real imprudence,

One must gain employer's confidence,

Which will come only via endurance.

The drive to earn huge profits,

Forces the employer to cut benefits,

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