If You Toil, Nothing can Foil or Spoil's image
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An art can be thoroughly learnt,

Only when extra candles are burnt,

Follow strictly this golden secret,

Success can be definitely met.

Hard-work is the only formula,

That contains not any flaw,

Initially it happens to be tedious,

But, the pursuer becomes a genius.

Sweat-theory needs no explanation,

For achievement, it lays the foundation,

When knowledge in anything is thorough,

Victory will automatically always follow.

When there is honest exertion,

There is born a successful mission,

Laws of Justice are always solid,

Results of any effort are splendid.

Somewhere is the root,

It produces the fruit,

Like root, God is unseen,

To help He is very keen.

By sweat, tears are fully washed,

Becomes true what

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