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I Relish Sacred English Like a Water-Loving Fish (03/04/1999)

At last I have acquired an English dictionary,

From a shop selling books and stationery,

No longer my vocabulary will be stationary,

My English knowledge will turn extraordinary.

In my school, English language

Was never at all sadly in usage,

I resorted to Tamil for every message,

I possessed poor English knowledge.

Up to my studying eleventh standard,

I conversed not in English a single word,

In college life, my state turned awkward,

As, everywhere, only English was heard.

All the subjects were only in English,

I suffered agony due to mental anguish,

Everyone's English appeared to be stylish,

My English knowledge was merely bookish.

By using the books, I read every page,

Underlined tough words in each passage,

It was like the "Wright Brothers" Bon Voyage,

Holding a dictionary was an added advantage.

As, tough words, I carefully did underline,

Their meaning, I could perfectly define,

I found in English a purely golden mine,

I drank it like a drunkard drinking wine.

By using homonyms, a poem I concocted,

In response to a girl's eyes that I contacted,

My very first English song was selected,

As if I knew wonderful English I just acted.

I chose B.Com as my course for degree,

My dear parents didn't with me disagree,

I was afraid of Algebra and also Geometry,

In B Com business English was obligatory.

My approach toward Business English was dull,

So, that subject appeared to be veritable hell,

High marks in that subject I couldn't sadly pull,

To master that subject I didn't have any will.

I scored in final year only forty six percentage,

But, that didn't cause to my hope any damage,

Now, exactly forty is my presently had age,

To write good English, I could just manage.

Whenever I try to write an English sentence,

I mix English knowledge with experience,

Upon my English talent, I have reliance,

I admire English language in strict silence.

O- Dearest English- Your twenty six letters,

Have created billions of wonderful writers,

If apt English words, tongue correctly utters,

Like that shining gold, the sentence glitters.

English is no longer to me now alien,

I watch it being spoken easily by million,

My efforts to learn her were Herculean,

I manage well in English is my opinion.

English is infinite like the space,

She is occ

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