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I am my Boss, I can Prevent Loss via Wise Laws

My job, I will never quit,

My thoughts, I will edit,

I will have toiling habit,

Fearing, I will prohibit.

Maximum time I will devote,

To sail on my work-boat,

Hope will help my life float,

Over victory, I won't gloat.

Patience and tolerance, i will employ,

With a smile, face things that annoy,

Confidence and will will be my convoy,

I will do severe sweating to derive joy.

I will definitely be having some grievance,

I will overcome it by sheer perseverance,

Toward duty, I won't show any indifference,

I will calmly accept every day's occurrence.

If tongue isn't locked,

Peace can't be stocked,

If tears have to be blocked,

Then, fear must be knocked.

Once takes place a sacrificing tendency,

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