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How to Book a Good Book!

The more and more you make a read,

You gain knowledge with top speed,

Gaining more knowledge isn't greed,

As to your advice, the world will heed.

In choosing books, be selective,

As books must be finely educative,

They must make your brain active,

Like God, they must be protective.

Your ideas, bad books easily corrupt,

By educating you a damn bad concept,

For such books, become not a puppet,

In book choosing, you must be adept.

Contents of a book, you must assimilate,

Your thinking prowess, it must stimulate,

Good and bad, you must wisely relate,

And retain all good things that elate.

Prefer not a book solely by its appearance,

As it may contain inside a filthy substance,

A book which concisely tells the essence,

Must be chosen by using common sense.

When a very good book one finds,

One must also have

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