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God's Mill Makes Worries Nil

Question not God's decision,

He knows fully what to do,

Pray to make an impression,

You won't in any way rue.

Your past if you wisely analyze,

You may notice apparent losses,

They are all no doubt no lies,

God's grace thinking exposes.

God is the very best judge,

Who will perform the best,

Better never at all grudge,

Here be a very happy guest.

Every loss made you wiser,

Despite loss, efforts grew,

God is surely not a miser,

Have cheer and no blue.

You were defeated reasonably,

And you have also so far survived,

You are now prolonging very ably,

Your moral strength has revived.

Fate bit you like a deadly cobra,

God only took out the poison,

Confused you badly life's algebra,

You went astray my dearest so

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