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God Leads by Blessing Noble Deeds

Develop the power of endurance,

Cultivate the quality of tolerance,

Get colossal quantity of patience,

To fill life with joyful exuberance.

Earthly life can't be ever smooth,

This must be an acceptable truth,

This acceptance will surely soothe,

To pave the way for further growth.

Difficulties will try to surmount,

Our troubles will daily mount,

Credit goodness in your account,

To reaching God, it is tantamount.

When your mind becomes ugly,

You can never live with glee,

By leading a life very humbly,

You educate the world nobly.

By prayer, mind is finely rectified,

By contentment, it is glorified,

A noble mind is always satisfied,

So, the mind must be beautified.

Life involves complication,

In which tears equal an ocean,

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