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Goal's Realization via Time's Utilization

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman January 29, 2023
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By being a self-critic,

One can turn systematic,

Punctually time will tick,

Best utilization is a trick.

Prepare a timetable,

To all, it is applicable,

Try to be impeccable,

Time is irreplaceable.

Make a list of all the activities,

Let them all be good qualities,

Arrange them in terms of priorities,

In habits, let there not be liabilities.

Adhere strictly to punctuality,

Try hard to make it a reality,

This will have great utility,

In making one a great entity.

Though sleep will be enticing,

Nothing can equal early-rising,

Benefits from it will be surprising,

If one is very carefully appraising.

For prayer make time allotment,

To give for peace a solid basement,

In life, will come surely improvement,

As peace-giving is God's department.

When duties are punctually performed,

Satisfaction gets automatically formed,

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