From Birth Till Death, Live on Earth with Mirth's image

From Birth Till Death, Live on Earth with Mirth

Firmly say "No"

If you don't know,

Accept each blow,

God's help is slow.

Greatly you must try,

Efforts must be high,

God will carefully spy,

Let not efforts be a lie.

Your burden, God will share,

If you pray, God will then care,

Happenings may give a scare,

Don't worry, but boldly dare.

Do any job with mirth,

Please all in the earth,

Prove your real worth,

Benefit all by your birth.

Mirthful state, how to attain?

God's blessings, how to obtain?

The answer is, you please strain,

And help the world finely gain.

Over hard-work, don't rue,

Let Sun-God be your guru,

If your taken e

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