Find a Remedy for Body and Mind's image
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Mind can be strengthened,

By noble thoughts' consumption,

Via "Body is a Temple" assumption,

Life can be finely lengthened.

Take care of both mind and body,

Neither of them must be neglected,

Both are very strongly interconnected,

Afflicted body makes the mind moody.

Body can be wisely chained,

But, mind-controlling is tedious,

By being stubbornly studious,

Mind can be properly trained.

In body-temple, soul resides,

Mind must chant God's glory,

Any physical or mental injury,

Slowly and steadily subsides.

Only through real determination,

Body must remain not abused,

If temptation of mind is refused,

Life escapes from contamination.

Body must have a healthy diet,

For its healthy preserv

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