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Delirium Deletes my Equilibrium (28 Years Ago)

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 10, 2023
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Fear, tension, worry and agony,

Have become part and parcel of me,

Even God is making me damn gloomy,

But, I give no room to blasphemy.

Whenever peace was denied,

My heart very sadly sighed,

It cried, but once again tried,

For peace, to God, applied.

In all the ways I am totally cursed,

In meeting hatred, I am well-versed,

By peace, I was cruelly divorced,

I became mentally depressed.

Kill me God just instantly,

Punish me not constantly,

Eliminate me prudently,

Fate and you end me jointly.

Everywhere defeat is chasing,

Though my God-faith is amazing,

I know nothing, but only losing,

To God, my losses are amusing.

When I touch God's lotus feet,

He kicks on me a huge defeat,

Why should God indirectly beat?

Let the Sun kill me by His heat.

I am a loser in this birth,

I want to leave this earth,

If I request God to give death,

God will deny to get mirth.

Put an end to my mental trauma,

By ending my part in life-drama,

Full stop my birth, put not a comma,

To quit this earth, I have no dilemma.

Let me get caught on death-trap,

Let soon take place a mishap,

Let people call me a poor chap,

Let God and fate happily clap.

Awkward creation of this human computer,

Is done by that very mischievous Creator,


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