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Dedication is a Medication Plus Meditation

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 7, 2023
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Surely brief efforts will never at all suffice,

Without dedication, nothing will materialize,

Lazy life, God will decide not to patronize,

Instead, God will decide to only penalize.

Often sleeping results in losing,

As its gate, success will be closing,

When a goal a soul is chasing,

Many hurdles will be surfacing.

Fearing mind is by devil occupied,

And so it will feel often damn afraid,

Fate will easily take it for a ride,

Success will then surely be denied.

Everything is hard in the initial stage,

Giving up means goal will suffer damage,

Firm pursuit produces a positive image,

Ultimately what completes is courage.

Great schemes, mind will be influencing,

As its thinking is with speed advancing,

Success, hard-work is strongly promising,

Man's duty is praying and commencing.

God watches man's movement,

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