Cope with Pressure and Hope for the Treasure's image

Cope with Pressure and Hope for the Treasure

Fear never and drop any action,

Glory is denied by duty's evasion,

Rise up shrewdly to the occasion,

Pray to be ever within God's vision.

If your efforts are full-fledged,

You and success are bridged,

Instead if you have lazily dodged,

By glory, you aren't acknowledged.

When true attempts are made,

You succeed in high grade,

If you have sincerely prayed,

Your fears are fully allayed.

Act fast, don't very lazily delay,

Practice makes things child's play,

God is potter and you are the clay,

In a true heart, God will gladly stay.

Feel not at all afraid,

Let attention be paid,

Prayer will surely aid,

God will kindly guide.

You must keep on attempting,

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