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Contentment Puts for Peace the Basement

Most important is holy contentment,

It paves the way for true enjoyment,

Enough attitude is the requirement,

That brings a state of real fulfillment.

So many stars are there,

But, single Sun gives fire,

If all the stars assemble here,

We all will go only to the pyre.

With what you have, feel pleased,

From tension, mind gets released,

If your desires have increased,

You become mentally diseased.

Having an ambition is alright,

As it invariably gives delight,

Achieving makes mood bright,

It takes one to a glorious height.

You may be highly skilled,

If ambition isn't fulfilled,

If you aren't strong-willed,

Your peace of mind is killed.

Having a goal is a real must,

You must do your level best,

To God, wisely leave the rest,

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