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Computers confuse

Whenever I use

Surely Bill Gates

Comes under greats

If it is under repair

I get a real scare

To work if it refuses

Worry this produces

If mouse feels bored

Or tired is key-board

They stop then working

I fear their work-shirking

Screen says some jargon

Mind is hit by doubt-dragon

I call my pretty wife

To save my petty life

She adjusts all the wires

I call all dealers liars

I feel terribly down

Jumping like a clown

She gives a quick check

I blame my ill-luck

I cannot abscond

I am not James Bond

Time is fast flying

Computer is lying

I want to break it

As it is now unfit

My face in the monitor

Makes my mood bitter

Central processing unit

Must have got a hit

My wife simply observes

Become dull my nerves

Is the UPS out of order?

I gradually turn madder

All the four units now laugh

As they form a strong staff

I feel immensely gloomy

My lovely wife calms me

"Cool down my dear

Please pick up cheer"

But, due to panic

I become a cynic

I scold the latest mechanic

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