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Churchill Won and Lost and Felt Terribly Aghast

My mother used to tell the following funnily,

Churchill came nude after taking a bath,

Before Russian and American Presidents,

By saying he would conceal nothing to them.


I was fascinated by my English text in 1977,

Which contained a chapter about Churchill,

"My School Days" was the title of the chapter,

It was written so hilariously, I loved his write.


In 2007, I joined BA to pursue English literature,

17 marks in American Literature stopped me,

But, I read about Churchill regretting his defeat,

Despite his helping his nation win the World War.


I could find disappointment and so I quit the course,

But, regrets of Churchill punctured my heart deeply,

His defeat was a sheer shock to him giving sorrow,

As the waves of World War success had not ebbed.


Churchill's difficulty in Latin and his contract with a boy,

Was in fact a subtle humor that can never be denied,

Fact, truth or rumor? is just floated over a relation,

Between, Churchill and that great Alexander Fleming.


Internet has not mentioned anything about it at all,

But, many books say that Churchill was surely rescued,

By the dad of Fleming when Churchill was drowning,

Penicillin of Jr Fleming saved Churchill once again.


This "V" for victory

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