By God Alone a Way is Shown's image

By God Alone a Way is Shown

If prayer becomes just a bribe,

Then, worship, how to describe?

Please pray for soul-cleansing,

God's greatness, prayer must sing.

Prayer is an invaluable protection,

As it makes God soar into action,

Prayer is in itself a definite boon,

As the reward comes very soon.

An unknown force controls,

And gives to beings roles,

That mighty force, if we obey,

It will protect us every day.

You must love that holy unknown force,

As it helps you cross life-ocean like oars,

If you follow that superpower's guidance,

Your life will have remarkable radiance.

Before all the Gods, we are truly nothing,

This approach of us, God will be noting,

And bestow their blessings kindly on us,

Gods never at all know what it is to curse.

If, God-faith, you possess in abundance,

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